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The Average Texas Homeowners Insurance Policy Costs $114.33/mo.5

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Texans Can Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Here are some tips to help you save money on your Texas homeowners insurance:

  1. Increase your deductible: Increasing your homeowners deductible from $250 to $1,000 could reduce your premium by up to 25%.1

  2. Combine multiple policies: Save up to 15% on your home and auto insurance premiums by purchasing both products from a single insurer.1

  3. Take advantage of discounts: Install smoke detectors, security systems, deadbolt locks, storm shutters and fire-retardant roofing.

  4. Shop around for a better rate: You should compare home insurance quotes at least once a year as homeowners rates are always changing.

Texas Homeowners Insurance Protects Against Wildfires

One of the most devastating natural disasters Texas homeowners face is wildfires. There were 16,000 in 2008, scorching over 1.5 million acres. Fortunately, basic Texas homeowners insurance (also called Texas property insurance which includes Texas mobile home insurance) covers wildfires and home fires. Home fires caused by other issues such as electrical problems are also common in Texas:  Texas had 16,398 residential fires resulting in 95 deaths in 2007. Residential fires caused over $2.8 million in property losses that same year.2

Texas Homeowners Insurance Protects Against Property Crime

Millions of Texans live in urban areas with high property crime rates. Texas homeowners insurance helps protect against theft, vandalism and other damage. There were over 228,313 home burglaries in Texas in 2008.3

Texas Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Flood Damage

Did you know that Texas had over 5,500 flood claims in 2008? Texas homeowners need to purchase a separate policy to protect themselves—if they don’t, they could face serious financial consequences. It takes only one inch of flood water to cause $7,800 worth of damage.4

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